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Tales From The Sewing Room - Ludo

 Tales From The Sewing Room

My partner and I finally managed to get a booking at Ludo in South Perth last week for a dinner with family. For some time we have been eagerly waiting to go to Ludo due their good reviews, because we live in South Perth, and an because of an interesting event a few months prior...

A few months ago, just as we were in the process of closing the curtain shop for the day, I received a phone call from a man who was desperate for some classic patterned red and gold curtain fabric that very day. I explained that while we stock a huge range of curtain fabrics they do need to be ordered in when a client selects what they want. However, as we are one of the rare curtain shops that actually creates their own curtains within the curtain shop, we have accumulated years worth of remnant fabrics and we may have something suitable.

The man said fantastic, he'll be there in 10 minutes and when he came he explained he is just about to open a restaurant in South Perth but needs some fabric to put on the speakers and he wanted a red and gold pattern to match the carpets. It didn't take long to show him the remnant fabric and he excitedly went on his way. 

These are some of the speakers in the restaurant:

I suspect some of the owner's excitement was how well these fabrics, which we've had sitting at the back of our curtains store for about 15 years, matched his carpet; virtually identical:

It was a very small sale for us, but he left a very, very happy customer and that is what is most important to us.  It also makes a nice 'tale from the sewing room'.

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